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Who Assassinated Iranian Nuclear “Scientists”?

OpinionWho Assassinated Iranian Nuclear “Scientists”?

(Times Of Ocean)- Mahboubeh Hosseinpour:  Ali Khamanei (the “Supreme Leader”) always talks about “the enemy”, but isn’t it about time to find out to what extent this “enemy” truly exists? Nuclear

The article by Dr. Reza Taghizadeh titled “Dagan and Engineering the Assassination of the Nuclear Specialists of the Islamic Republic of Iran” opened up a window for patriotic researchers to find out who the people who were assassinated in relation to the Iranian nuclear program were, what were their roles in the regime’s nuclear program and which elements or countries can be accused of killing them.

Attending to these questions is an essential task for understanding our country’s events and for determining its future.

Who Assassinated Iranian Nuclear “Scientists”?
Photo by Jerusalem Post.

Judging by the title of Mr. Taghizadeh’s article, apparently the “nuclear experts” of the Islamic Republic were assassinated by Israel according to the planning of Meir Dagan who headed the Mossad during those years. However, the writer never specifically explains what the motivations were behind these assassinations and who were exactly involved in them, even though all the circumstances explained, point towards the conclusion that Israel had been behind these murders.

On the other hand, as a grieving sister of one of the assassinated scientists, and as a person who has been following this issue, I seriously doubt that the above-mentioned victims were killed by foreigners. I have come to believe that most of them were victims of murderous tactics of the (Iranian) regime itself or (subjects of) its internal government conflicts.

At least as far as my brother –  the late Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour -was concerned, I can say with certainty that he was killed by the (Iranian) regime itself, because in some cases he had questioned Khameneii’s legitimacy and had refused to cooperate with the regime for the 20% (Uranium) enrichment and the construction of weapons of mass destruction.

As a nuclear physics scientist, specializing in electromagnetics and Uranium enrichment, and an assistant professor at the Shiraz University, Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour was faced with the regime’s decision on the 20% enrichment and the construction of the atomic bomb in 2004, but until the morning he was assassinated on January 15th 2007, he adamantly refused to submit (to them). The Islamic Republic (of Iran) which had prepared the “Terror by Israel” scenario beforehand, manufactured false stories about death by gas asphyxiation, heart attack, pneumonia and even murder by a rival in a love affair, after my mother – as the “owner of the blood”, the next of kin- strongly resisted the scenario of her son’s martyrdom at the hands of Israel.

Who Assassinated Iranian Nuclear “Scientists”?
Photo by Kayhan London

The government accused the Mossad, in order to absolve itself from the accusation, but its subsequent behavior and the warnings which the security officials gave my mother, as well as dozens of other indications, leave me no doubt that this murder had been designed by the (Iranian) regime itself.  On the night before the murder, Ardeshir’s wife had been told not to go to her husband’s house and to spend it at her parent’s residence. Has the Mossad got so much power in the city of Shiraz to send its agents to somebody’s house to ensnare him alone, asphyxiate him and escape?

Who Assassinated Iranian Nuclear “Scientists”?
Photo by Kayhan London

In 1994, twelve years before my brother’s murder, Dr. Reza Sa’adat, a nuclear physics scientist and an assistant professor at the Shiraz University, in charge of my brother’s thesis at his senior expertise level, was also killed precisely for the same reason and the assassination was blamed on the “People’s Mujahedin Organization” as well as “gold and currency smugglers” (!)


Who Assassinated Iranian “Scientists”?
Photo by HRANA.

For a regime which has kept one nuclear physics scientist in jail just because he is accused of refusing to cooperate in nuclear military efforts, a regime which committed the chain assassinations (of dissident intellectuals and activists in 1998) and who killed Dr. Saami ( a moderate Islamic leader early in the Islamic Revolution) with a screw driver in his brain only because of his patriotic activities, would the murder of Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour and the unfair imprisonment of Dr. Omid Kowkabi be too hard to believe? Not only Omid Kowkabi’s imprisonment was based on false chargers, but they are (now) trying to kill him and to silence him forever by preventing medical attention for his cancer. They are doing this in order to make an example of him among other scientists, so they will not refuse to cooperate with the regime’s demands.

Three years after the murder of my only brother Ardeshir, they killed Dr. Masoud Alimohammadi on January 13th, 2010 in an explosion. He had a doctorate in theoretical physics, he was a member of the “Professor’s Basij”( militia) who sympathized with the (Islamic) reformists and resolutely supported Mir-Hossein Moussavi in the 2008 elections ( the candidate who lost to Ahmadinejad). Doctor Alimohammadi, had many student followers and had raised the ire of the regime. One week before his assassination he launched the free debate meetings of the physics group at the Tehran University.  He was killed by a magnetic bomb hidden inside a motorcycle chained to a tree, three feet outside his house door.

In order to cover up its own crime, the regime blamed it on a young man named Majid Jamali Fashi, introduced him to the public as an agent of the Israeli Mossad and even displayed a forged Israeli passport on TV, apparently to prove that he had been an Israeli spy. How is it possible that a country hires a spy and then gives him its real passport to take back to his country of origin so that their secret connection would be known upon his arrest?

On the other hand, is it difficult for the Iranian government to forge one of the hundreds of stolen Israeli passports which they have, under the name of “Fashi” and display it in front of the cameras?

The government published a long story about the “experiences” of Jamali Fashi in Israel, which was in fact copied from an article containing the memoirs of one Hossein Derakhshan (“Me: The Editor” weblog in Farsi) of his real travel to Israel. In the eyes of many informed people, the “execution” of Fashi was also a show. It is rumored that Fashi (is alive) and is serving the Islamic Republic under a new identity and with an altered face in an African country, possibly Senegal.

Simultaneous attacks on two other nuclear experts named Majid Shahryari and Fereidoon Abbassi Davani, by attaching magnetic bombs to their cars while moving, by two motorcycle riders who escaped the scene, was also very suspicious.

If a foreign country were the perpetrator of these assassinations, would it endanger its saboteurs in daylight and on busy streets by attaching two bombs to two cars, (an be certain that) they would get away unscathed and never arrested? If a foreign country had actually done this, wouldn’t it have been safer to place the bombs at night and under the cars without endangering the lives of its agents?

Weren’t these two assassinations due to internal regime factional conflicts?

In addition, we know that attaching magnetic bombs to cars, is a method used by the agents of the Islamic Republic against Israeli diplomats on several occasions, and accordingly they are well experienced in it.

Another victim, was Dariush Rezaii Najaad who was killed in his car when shot by two motorcycle riders in the summer of 2011. He had a masters degree in electrical (engineering) who was barred from a project and was targeted because of his objection.

Regarding the killing of Mostafa Ahmadi Rowshan (with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry) who is currently the last of the nuclear martyrs and who was also killed by a magnetic bomb attached to his car by a motorcycle rider on January 11th, 2012, it was found out that almost certainly he had information about massive corruption and was killed by his rivals. Ahmadi Rowshan, was a deputy purchasing official for the Natanz enrichment facility and had no scientific activity.

I know that there are still many questions surrounding these murders, but the regime’s dossier is filled with such black marks of murder, and one should not easily believe in the claims of (Iranian) officials and should not retell them.

Ali Khameneii (the Supreme Leader) has repeatedly stated in the past few months that “the enemies” have caused the death of the “five nuclear scientists” in Iran.

Khameneii’s goal by making such claims, was to say that the regime is still threatened by foreigners and (in particular) by Israel as well as other countries who want to harm the regime, and therefore the Islamic regime has the right to brutally suppress the Iranian nation as before.

I therefore, challenge patriotic researchers to exert all their efforts to identify the commanders and the perpetrators of these murders, so that the people will be informed, will know the real enemy and will rise up to overthrow it.

The article was originally written by Mahboubeh Hosseinpour, published on Kayhan London.

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