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What the Pandemic Can Teach Us About Endings | NYT Opinion

VideosWhat the Pandemic Can Teach Us About Endings | NYT Opinion

We all remember where we were when the pandemic began. Whether it was the last day of working at the office or the turbulent onset of remote schooling, it was clear we had entered a new and unsettling era.

More than two years later, much of life has long since returned to something like pre-Covid normal — and yet few of us would say the pandemic has actually ended, much less pin down a moment when this ending supposedly happened. Perhaps that’s because, even though masking requirements have eased and schools are finishing a year of in-person classes, we still face wave after cresting wave of Covid variants.

As Tala Schlossberg argues in the video above, there’s something unsettling about this conspicuous absence of a clear ending. After all, we depend on endings to organize and make sense of the world, from the chapters of our lives to the sweep of history.

But what if we’ve grown too reliant on knowing when things begin and end? Is there an opportunity to be found in embracing an endless view of the world?

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