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Russia-Ukraine War: Kremlin’s cyberwar is underway

Russia Ukraine WarRussia-Ukraine War: Kremlin’s cyberwar is underway

Russia-Ukraine War (Times Of Ocean)- Cyber attacks have been a threat to Ukraine and its allies, including the United States, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February. The battle online continues to escalate despite the efforts of US military officials and experts, said experts.

Over 10,000 modems of the satellite broadband provider Viasat were knocked offline on February 24, the day Russia launched military operations in Ukraine. Russia is believed to be behind the cyberattack.

After the US imposed sanctions on Russia for its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, US President Joe Biden warned companies and organisations about possible cyberattacks by Russia on the US.

Cyber authorities in the UK have backed the White House’s claim, though neither government has provided evidence of a cyberattack by Russia. UK intelligence officers said Russia was on the lookout for cyber targets on Thursday.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group wrote this week that Russian hackers had attempted to penetrate NATO networks and the militaries of some eastern European countries, but did not identify the targets.

Google reports that the success rate of the phishing campaigns involving a group called Coldriver, or Callisto, based in Russia, is unknown.

The Guardian quoted former White House CIO Theresa Payton as saying that although things are heating up on the cyber front, Russia has been slow to respond so far.

Payton cited two reasons for the slow deployment of Russian cyber tactics in the war. Russian President Vladimir Putin, already suffering from sanctions, may want to avoid further retaliation from the US and its allies. At this stage of the war, Putin may not feel the need to launch cyberattacks, Payton said.

The Russian cyber operatives may also be at work, awaiting Putin’s order before launching a full-scale attack. As a result of the fog of a ground war, it is possible that digital attacks are underway and not fully understood,” Payton said.

Glenn S Gerstell, former general counsel at the National Security Agency and Central Security Service says Russian attacks are more likely to be focused on cyber reconnaissance missions than forceful attacks.

It is difficult to predict Moscow’s line of offensive because its strategy throughout the conflict has been unpredictable, Gerstell said, adding that Russia may be using its resources to find out about sanctions and other intelligence.

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