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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Pro-Putin TV presenter: War with NATO soon

Russia Ukraine WarPro-Putin TV presenter: War with NATO soon

Moscow (Times Of Ocean)- A Russian television host has talked about “starting a war” with NATO when it comes to supplying lethal aid to Ukraine, a message Vladimir Putin had given at the beginning of the “special military operation.”

According to a translation, Vladimir Solovyov told his self-titled audience on Russia-1 that Ukrainians alone aren’t enough. Increasingly they’re talking about NATO countries de facto supplying their own weapons. We’ll see not only NATO weapons, but also operators drawn into the fray. De facto, we’re waging war with NATO countries.”

Putin had threatened countries that sought to “interfere” with its invasion of Ukraine would face consequences. Several NATO countries, including the United States, have pumped billions into Ukraine to help Kyiv defend itself from an invasion that has claimed countless lives, including those of civilians and soldiers.

The Russian TV host even mentioned the targeting of “civilians of NATO countries.”

After this operation concludes, we will grind up NATO’s war machine as well as civilians in NATO countries, Solovyov said. “NATO will have to ask itself, ‘Do we have the resources to defend ourselves, do we have the people to defend ourselves?”

“And there will be no mercy.”

In response to reports of worldwide contempt for Russia’s aggression, Solovyov suggests Putin and his troops “must act much more harshly.”

Solovyov continued, “Not only Ukraine will have to be denazified.” “The war against Europe and the world is taking on a more specific shape.”

“Which means we must act differently and much more harshly.”

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