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Iran bathes square in light, showing Houthis leaders

WorldIran bathes square in light, showing Houthis leaders

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)- The Islamic authorities in Iran have bathed Tehran’s Azadi [Freedom] Square in a light projection, showing the faces of leaders of Houthi terrorist group.

Iranian authorities have celebrated the Houthis’ Friday attacks as a slap to the peace.

The despicable glorification came hours after the Iran-backed Houthi rebels launched missiles toward Saudi Aramco oil facilities.

‘Negotiations between the western powers and the Iranian regime with China and Russia as guarantors are ridiculous. They ask Saudi to stabilize the energy markets while Houthis attack its oil infrastructure. Tehran celebrates the attacks as a slap to the negotiation’s efforts,’ the political analyst and columnist Arab News wrote on his Twitter account.

In the past decade, Iran’s proxies have presented an agenda to attack embassies and westerns interests in the Middle East as well as the peace and region’s stability.

The region, including Israeli territories have been attacked with rockets, missiles, and incendiary balloons by IRI-sponsored militants.

With a long history of Islamic Terrorism, nowhere is safe for citizens throughout the world anymore unless a global consensus is formed against the Islamic Republic of Iran or its proxies.

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