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Across The Balkans: China's Growing Influence in the Balkans

VideosAcross The Balkans: China's Growing Influence in the Balkans

China has emerged as one of the biggest investors in the western Balkans over the past decade. A flood of cheap loans have built everything from highways, bridges to tunnels. The region hosts 136 Chinese-linked projects worth nearly 35 billion dollars. Although much of China’s recent investments have centered on highways and bridges, its foray into Europe started at sea. Shortly after the financial crisis of 2008, China chose Greece to be its main gateway to Europe. It would also become part of the Belt and Road Initiative, a trillion dollar infrastructure project that will recreate the ancient Silk Road. Fay Doulgkeri went to Greece’s biggest port Piraeus to explore Chinese companies operating there.

Across The Balkans, hosted by Nafisa Latic, is TRT World’s programme that focuses specifically on the issues and fault lines shaping Southeast Europe today.

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